GASA Foundation was founded in 2021 to help well-run shelters around the world stay in operation and find homes for dogs and cats. It stands for Global Animal Shelter Assistance.

While we believe that almost all shelters that are helping our furry friends are doing wonderful work, we have put energy into creating a robust evaluation tool to determine which shelters would be most benefitted by our assistance. 

The criteria includes: 

  • High adoption turnover (less than 1 month in shelter)
  • Quality food for shelter animals
  • Veterinarian care for shelter animals
  • Low kill rates (lower than 10% for those not medically necessary) or goals to reduce kill rates*

Soon we will launch a campaign to allow shelters to submit requests for consideration into the program.

GASA Foundation is a 502(c)(3) organization.

*GASA Foundation will help with the planning and implementation to reduce kill rates

Our Team




Ali Paige

Founder / Executive Director




Dana Nisenfeld

Graphic Designer / Board Member

Ali started GASA Foundation because she has traveled all over the world and visited companion animal shelters that are well run but need project help or business operations planning. With her business background and her passion for animals, she wants to make sure these shelters get the help they need to stay in business.

Dana joined the Board of GASA Foundation in 2021 and has helped with graphic design, creating our cool logo. She lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, two children, and her dog, Karma.